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Long piss chatroom

As with any drug test, I’m all for minimizing the risks of failing it.

Either way, let’s look at these two methods more closely: Your body detoxes itself from all kinds of unwanted stuff naturally over time, but when mentioned in this context detoxing means than it normally does.But don’t assume the worst just yet, and even if the worst is the case, there are ways to get around that too that I’ll get too soon enough.Here are some general estimation pointers on how long you can expect it to take for your pee to be clean naturally and not need to worry about your test at all: Keep in mind, this is not precise by any means and as mentioned before can vary from person to person, so often it can be a good idea to take some precautions anyways if you’re somewhat close to falling withing above timelines.Anything under that and you will pass the piss test.The detection times of THC in urine depend on many different factors including your metabolism, weight, fat percentage, lifestyle and so on, but more than anything it’s dependent on how heavy a smoker you are or were and how long you’ve abstained.

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Hence, how long weed stays in your urine can vary by .