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Instead, districts repurpose that money for school libraries into other areas to make up for other budget area shortfalls (welcome to the era of local control in Georgia); this practice is now legally sanctioned since our state legislature removed the expenditure controls for these monies a few years ago.

Reading without doubt is one of the best form of learning.

Another factor, the cuts to funding from the state for school libraries, especially after expenditure controls were removed a few years ago, also exacerbated fears that if one really weeded everything that needed to go, then there would not be money to replace those books and/or there might be backlash from the community over shelves that were not as full.

Even when expenditure controls were in place, many districts flaunted the law and did not give the full allotment to the school libraries.

Ebook-related items have been gathering in my notefile lately, and this is a good time to begin spilling them out where we can all see them.

The triggering incident was a note from the Jolly Pirate, telling me that one of my SF stories was present in a zipfile pirate ebook anthology that he had downloaded via Bit Torrent. The Jolly Pirate said that he had downloaded it in just under three hours.

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