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Membership  interracial dating

CCF public affairs intern Colleen Poulin and FSU sociologist Virginia Rutter consider what’s working and what remains challenging in interracial relationships.

By Colleen Poulin & Virginia Rutter How colorblind is love?

For information on interracial dating and same-sex couples, contact Mignon R. For more information on interracial dating, including online and other ways that couples “make connections” contact Pamela Anne Quiroz, Professor of Public Policy and Sociology at University of Illinois at Chicago at [email protected] 708-769-2890.

For information on demographic changes in American families, contact demographer Daniel Lichter, Professor of Policy Analysis and Management and Sociology, Cornell University, [email protected] 607-354-8781. For information on the history of interracial unions in the United States, contact Michael Rosenfeld, Associate Professor of Sociology, Stanford University, at [email protected]

According to the church, this dramatic step was taken to “promote greater unity” among its body and the community.

I guess that means only one race at a time can have unity.

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