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And while the immediate requirement for some of our current missions in the region will likely cease in the coming months, the variety of contingencies that we have responded to in the past decade and a half may well be repeated in the future, along with other as yet unforeseen crises.

Land deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, naval operations in the Persian Gulf, Arabian and Red Seas and air operations over Iraq and Syria are illustrative of the operational focus we maintain on the hitherto largely ignored region.Regional security impacts directly on Australian citizens whether Australian strategic pundits like it or not.The tyranny of distance from the Middle East that has variously bedeviled and protected Australia is no longer as relevant as it used to be."The Debate Papers" provides a platform for learned voices to argue issues affecting the United States and Australia.These counterpoints traverse topics such as economics, foreign policy and politics.

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In addition, it is worth noting that of the million people involved in the mass migration to Europe in 2015, two-thirds were from the Middle East and South Asia.