Nicholas hoult dating riley keough dating a chef

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Mad Max: Fury Road is a 2015 post-apocalyptic action film co-written, produced, and directed by George Miller.

Miller collaborated with Brendan Mc Carthy and Nico Lathouris on the screenplay.

A battle ensues between the War Rig and Joe's forces.A lot has changed between Jennifer and her man in the last year, though, with both actors busy working on separate projects, resulting in little time for a relationship. Hoult just be friendly — but since they’re reportedly playing lovers in the new movie, we can’t help but speculate!Jennifer MUST drop in on the Tokyo set, and all will be right in the world!The film also features Nicholas Hoult, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Riley Keough, Zoë Kravitz, Abbey Lee, and Courtney Eaton.Fury Road was in development hell for many years, with pre-production starting as early as 1997.

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