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Nubian archaeology was greatly set back by the construction of the Aswan dam in the 1960s.

The presence of an Islamic government and civil war and the submergence of sites by Lake Nasser has made it difficult for archaeologists to work in Sudan.

More recently, our own Western prejudices---namely the idea that geographic Egypt was not a part of “black” Africa---have contributed to the dearth of knowledge about Nubia....

Reisner, for instance, identified large burial mounds at the site of Kerma as the remains of high Egyptian officials instead of those of Nubian kings.

Aggressions by Egypt in the third millennium forced the A-Group into a remote area above the Second Cataract. The children of favored Nubians were educated in Thebes. They venerated Egyptian gods, particularly Amun, used the Egyptians language, adopted Egyptians burial styles and later even built pyramids.

Nubians embraced Egyptian culture and arguably the first to be consumed by Egyptomania. internal problems racked Egypt again and Nubia won it autonomy. C., the new powerful kingdom of Napata emerged just below the Forth Cataract. C., Napatan kings began expanding their territory northwards. C., a great army under a king named Piye conquered all of Egypt and Nubia reached from present-day Khartoum to present-day Alexandra.

Nubia was periodically occupied by Egypt beginning in the 3rd millennium. For its part, Nubia adopted some Egyptian dress styles and burial customs, even after conquering Egypt. Nubian Queen Kawait, for example, is hewn on her sarcophagus with her hair dressed by a noble woman believed to have been sent from Nubia to make a diplomatic marriage with the 11th-dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Mentuhotpe.

One was the use of the pyramid; earlier Nubian rulers had been entombed in giant mounds. Egyptian armies built a colossal series of fortresses around the Second Cataract and used them to thrust deep into Nubia, perhaps as part of an effort to get a hold of Nubia's gold mines that were being opened at that time in the Eastern Desert. C., Egypt was racked by internal problems and withdrew from the fortresses. After the Egyptians left, a grand kingdom emerged at Kerma with palaces, cemeteries and magnificent royal tombs. The conflicted last about 100 years and when it was over Egypt claimed much of Nubia and controlled it for 350 years, during which time Nubia became throughly Egyptianized as is reflected by Nubian art of that time. Thutmose I once sailed into Thebes with the naked body of a rebellious Nubian chieftain dangling from the prow of his ship.

They also wrote that Nubian women had considerably larger breasts than women of other races. The first archaeologists to make significant Nubian finds did so below the Forth Cataract at the royal cemeteries of El Kurru.Timothy Kednall if Northeastern University told National Geographic, the Nubians “had become more catholic than the pope.” Today Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt. Little is known about what happened in Nubia until around 850 B. A nearby holy mountain was believed to be the home of the ram-headed supreme god of Amun and an oracle that attracted people from all over Africa and the Middle Eats was established there. Piye wrote, “I shall let Lower Egypt taste the taste of my fingers.” After capturing one city after another along the Nile in 730 B.C., the army of King Piye stormed the great walled capital of Memphis with flaming arrows.When the city was taken Piye did an extraordinary thing he packed up his army and booty and returned to Nubia never to set foot in Egypt again, as if the whole military campaign was simply to make some kind of point; namely that he was more Egyptian than the Egyptians themselves, which by that time had grown weak and corrupt.Egyptians described Nubians as experts with bow and arrow and Nubia itself was sometimes called Ta-Seti ("Land of the Bow"). , the Nubians battled the Assyrians in Eltekeh in present-day Israel and prevented the Assyrians from taking over Egypt.

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