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Online speed dating for kids

My adoption was not a rousing success, and I know that others are, but I still believe adoption fairs are damaging.For me it resulted in a dread of self-promotion of any kind as well as a belief for a long time that I would only be valued or loved by others if I did everything to make myself more marketable, e.g., get good grades, a good job, etc.And like speed dating events everywhere, there’s usually an imbalance in attendees (sometimes the adoptees outnumber the prospective parents) and everyone wears nametags.Five irresistible children's picture books Alas these fairs are not all fun and games.Potential adoptees often engage in their own pursuit of love, a speed dating of sorts called adoption fairs. Children available for adoption are brought together in a party-like atmosphere to mingle with would-be parents.The idea is to see if there is a mutual attraction.Approximately 120,000 children in the US are adopted each year.Proponents of adoption fairs will argue that the fairs lead to adoptions.

The goal of the fair was clear to me, even if it wasn’t explicitly stated; I was supposed to sell myself.I stood next to a tree and did my best to appear good.For a while no one approached me, and I watched other kids attempt to entice the Adopters with strong throws or pretty smiles.I was a child, but I had already had a whole history – one that didn’t square with their expectations for a cute young girl, but was more akin to a distrustful, jaded old maid.It was a choice for me that resulted in some very difficult years until I turned 18 and moved out.

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I say technically, because it’s hardly a choice when your social worker is telling you to get with the program or you’re going back to the group home.

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