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This description will discuss various exemplary embodiments of the invention, and is sufficiently detailed to enable one reading the description to be able to make or use the invention.

The description refers to the various drawing figures and numbered elements provided in the figures.

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Prior Publication Data (if applicable): The publication number and date that the application was published by the Patent Office, which typically occurs eighteen months after the earliest filing date of the application. A patent application which claims priority to an earlier patent application during its pendency. S., a continuing patent application may be categorized as a continuation, divisional, or continuation-in-part application. Provisional Application (if applicable): An application that establishes an early filing date of the invention and may be relied upon by a non-provisional application.

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Assignee (if applicable): The assignee is the owner of the patent if the ownership has not been retained by the inventor.

Brief Summary of the Invention: The summary is used to describe the invention that is being claimed in the set of claims at the end of the patent.

The summary may discuss the nature and substance of the invention, and include statements on the objectives of the invention.

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Figure 1: Patent Page 1 Issue Date of Patent: The date that the patent was issued.