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“I kind of want to rip that scene and just post it every day for like a month,” Bell says of her cameo.

She talked to Vulture about being on set with Tarantino, and whether or not she thinks Cliff actually killed his wife on that boat.

Her first stunt job was jumping out of a car in a New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street.

Zoe began doing stunts for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, (both of which were filmed in New Zealand) and by the fourth season of Xena she was the stunt double for Lucy Lawless.

Bell had to learn to fight in the wushu style; this required her to consciously stop mimicking the physical mannerisms of Lucy Lawless.

Near the end of filming for Kill Bill: Volume 2, she injured her ribs and the ligaments in her wrist while simulating being thrown backwards by a shotgun blast.

So Janet fires Cliff — or, at least, demands that Randy does — in an incredible, hilarious sequence.

The scene-stealing Janet is played by one of Quentin Tarantino’s longtime stunt actors turned stunt coordinators, Zoë Bell.

This cavalier attitude is sort of what he’s arrived at after living a deeply complicated life. He just kinda, like, loafs through life, doing his shit, and you kind of feel like he could be lazy, but then you see him bound up onto the roof in like two fell swoops and you’re like, I read that Quentin likes you to use your natural accent, and not your American one. Quentin, being that he knows me as long and as intimately, personally and professionally, as we do, maybe thinks I am my most authentic self in my own accent. She’s just fierce, takes no shit, is probably running the show from behind the scenes — unless she’s pushed in front, which, you know, give her a choice and then she’s just going to do it out loud.Everything about it, I just love everything about that scene. Things were amazing to look at in the Victorian times, but listen: People must have back then. You’ve got full hygiene and the beginning of technology, but there’s still that kind of innocence where everything’s not super convenient. Technology is still kind of cusp-y and exciting rather than potentially terrifying.Originally it was Randy, Kurt’s character, who was going to interrupt the fight [between Cliff and Bruce Lee].I was putting the choreography together, and we were putting it down on tape, so I could put it on DVD and show it to Quentin.

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’s star stuntman carries an air of beguiling mystery: He’s constantly shapeshifting, in and out of wigs and costumes, peering from behind onyx Ray-Ban aviators. From ’s first scenes, there seems to be something a little bit off about him, but it’s not until a flashback in the first act that some of the mystery is sourced.