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16833 Web: Because controls cannot be created outside of a session context, a new exception Session Not Available Exception has been added to be used when a simple warning is not enough.

To allow developers to create controls outside of a session context, such as in Timer or Socket Core events, developers can now create a Web Session Context object.

As long as this object is in scope, the Session object will point to the session passed to the Web Session Context object.

This prevents the Movie from being loaded by Quick Time on Windows when it's not necessary.

The second caused an XML exception and gave the user no way to determine what was wrong.

Now this will raise a SOAPException with the XML data so the cause of the issue can be determined.

16198 Key Up and Key Down have been replaced with a single event, Key Pressed which fires after the user has released a key (or repeatedly if the user holds the key down).

The Key Event handling routines now return the correct characters for keys that have them and only keycodes for keys without characters associated with them (Function Keys, Arrows, etc).

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I think you can read something about it in the Language Reference (see the Update Now property of the window class). Using a thread, the UI, which is always redrawn by the main thread, your display can be refreshed normally. Hello, A simple thread looping is certainly not the cause of flickers issue.

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