Remington model 11 dating

Posted by / 15-Oct-2020 20:40

Here's a link to the article and maybe it'll help you out. wood has checkering at the pistol grip and forearm but its not fancy.

You tell them what the seriel is, and they'll tell you when it was made.

We don't be be able to date it exactly but might be able to give you a small idea. I called remington 4 times today but I was on hold for about 15 mins each time.

Edit: I found a website that says there is another way to find the age of a Remington (not necessarily a 700) without calling them and that is the barrel markings on the barrel.

The 700 contains three different lengths for its action.

There are short action versions that use 2.8 inch cartridges.

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There are some Remington Model 700s that can be purchased with a detachable box magazine, which allows you to fire more ammunition.