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In this study, white men and Asian women ranked highest for desirability, measured by the messaging metrics, and men and women contacted potential partners who were on average 25 percent more desirable than they were.

"What would it mean scientifically for someone to be 'out of your league?

' " asked Elizabeth Burch, lead author of the study and a sociologist at the University of Michigan.

This question, along with many others about mate choice, are now answerable, she said.

Men in Seattle who wrote longer messages had a higher chance of getting a reply.

The study noted that Seattle's dating climate is "unfavorable" for men, with as many as two men per woman, depending on the population.

In terms of a cost-benefit analysis, the time and energy put into that first message may be wasted, but she pointed out that, because the researchers did not have access to the content of the messages, only the number of words, "we know nothing of the wittiness of the messages." After a pause, she continued: "I'm not a fan of the 'hey' message." There was one exception to this.It also found that both men and women messaged potential partners who were on average 25 percent more attractive than they were. The number of users totaled in the hundreds of thousands.The study analyzed heterosexual dating markets on an unnamed "popular, free online dating service" in four major U. User data were anonymous and did not include personal details or message content.In other words, all of those terrible online messages and first dates are being donated to science.A study out Wednesday in the journal Science Advances described "a hierarchy of desirability" in the messaging tactics of online daters.

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