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ACI is also co-sponsoring the 6th North American Conference on Design and Use of Self-Consolidating Concrete.The conference is designed to bring researchers and practitioners together to exchange the latest ideas, knowledge, and tools to build the future of concrete construction as it relates to design, construction and manufacturing of self-consolidating concrete.The Uof S2 pressure column is cast with 0.5 m high fresh concrete and air pressure is introduced from the top to simulate casting depth up to 13 m.Then, develop and implement test method for field evaluation of relevant plastic and thixotropic properties of SCC that affect formwork pressure were done.The conference will take place May 15-18, 2016, in Washington D. Stay up-to-date on self-consolidating concrete information available from ACI: Publications Free Web Sessions Webinars Concrete International magazine articles: Flowing or Self-Consolidating Concrete Field Investigation of Formwork Pressures Using Self-Consolidating Concrete Comparison of Three Methods to Measure Formwork Pressure When Using SCC Pressure of Self-Consolidating Concrete on Formwork From Rheology of Fresh Concrete to Casting Processes ACI is committed to leading the way in disseminating research knowledge to benefit all participants in the concrete industry, with the vision to provide everyone with the knowledge needed to use concrete effectively to meet the demands of a changing world.

The research focussed on capturing existing knowledge and making recommendations for current practice.

Learn more about the 2019 edition, plus supplemental resources from ACI.

Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) is a recently developed innovative construction material.

Portable vane (PV) test based on the hand-held vane test method used to determine the undrained shear strength property of clay soil was the first setup as well as the inclined plane (IP) test.

The IP device involves slumping a small concrete cylinder on a horizontal plate and then lifting up the plate at different durations of rest until the slumped sample starts to move.

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In order to control the risk caused by high formwork pressure, a comprehensive prediction model for the pressure was previously proposed, investigated, and validated with various SCC mixtures.

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