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Senior sex freeiphon sex

Even though the mainstream doesn’t pay any mind to those of us who are middle- and post middle-aged, there are some great factors at play that mean that despite our advanced years, we’ve got reason to get frisky.Even though STIs are still something to take care to avoid no matter what age you are — pregnancy isn’t. You’re likely more confident than you’ve ever been before and, as we’ve said before; confidence is sexy.More fun than a brisk walk or popping multivitamins, sex is a satisfying health-bolstering activity.Sharing intimacy with a partner isn’t just a hearty bit of exercise, it will help you to maintain intimacy, closeness and communication with the one closest to you.Add this to the fact that knuckles and other joints can get tired after some vigorous, repetitive motions and you’ll see why sex toys can be such a boon in the bedroom.While you’re choosing a senior sex toy, keep in mind that strength matters.Every month in Sex at Our Age, award-winning senior sexpert Joan Price answers your questions about everything from loss of desire to solo sex and partner issues. To send your questions directly to Joan, email Is casual sex a “thing” for our age group? I’m not ready for a steady dating relationship—and I’m certainly not looking for a husband—but I’m lonely for sex.

Doing a proper pelvic exercise can be as simple as just flexing and releasing your kegel muscles (like the muscles you use to stop your pee mid-flow).

This pioneering field of Sex Tech already exists, where sex toys include sensors that read your pleasure responses like arousal levels, and can be programmed to respond in a variety of ways.

Now that software developers and programmers have these tools at their disposal with an item like the LELO F1s Developer’s Kit RED and a software developer’s kit that they can tinker with, we will soon be seeing erotic apps and pleasure programming reach a new and exciting era.

A majority of people however maintain their sexual desire even after these natural changes occur.

We don’t talk enough about how sex toys and intimate health products can help not only alleviate some of the physical conditions of aging.

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However to do it effectively, you can use a kegel exercise aide like LUNA Beads.

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