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Sex chat callback

Do what live chat can't: give your website visitors the option to talk to a team member on the phone within 30 seconds or less.

Have them enter their phone number and interact with them instantaneously. After a visitor requests a Callback, all your agents' phones ring at once. When one of the agents answers the call, all other phones stop ringing and Jivo calls the visitor. The agent who answered the call first is connected with the visitor. When your team receives an incoming call, the Jivo Chat app will automatically alert you with detailed information about the caller.

When the call is received, the Jivo Chat application will automatically open on the agent's computer and they will see detailed information about who is calling.

For example: how the visitor found the page, what city they are from, and what page they are currently viewing. To start using the Callback feature, recharge your account for USD.

Jivo Chat simultaneously calls all active support agents who are able to receive the call.

The first support agent to pick up the phone is connected with the client.

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Find out how the visitor found your page, what city they live in, and what page they are currently viewing.

Callback works with chat so that you can take a call and recommend a product while sending documents, attachments, and links to your visitors.

If you already use Jivo Chat on your website, just turn on "Callback" in the app.

If Jivo Chat is not installed on your website, sign up for free and install the code according to the instructions. However, if you want a little bit of flexibility of when the callback proactive widget is displayed on your site, you can control these settings.

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