Sex chats between strangers

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Sex chats between strangers

I've always reasoned that it's ok because I probably will never see them again.

However, sometimes I feel that these strangers will give me an unbiased opinion about an issue.

Success in the small talk domain is a lot like success in other social situations, including online chats, job interviews, and social networking.

The basic premise is that you find common ground with the people with whom you communicate by using the right amount of self-disclosure, empathy, and tact.

We all fear the awkward silence when we're expected to make small talk with a stranger.

Perhaps it's at a business dinner, and you're sitting next to a new colleague.

And I also feel comfortable telling anyone my "secrets".

I've never thought about sharing secrets with someone you just met because they might know someone you know, it makes sense though.

Most people are somewhere in the middle on the introversion-extroversion dimension but everyone has moments of greatness and everyone has moments of utter failure when the pressure is on to be scintillating.If you've listened carefully, reflected back what you heard, and kept your nonverbal channel open, you'll be less likely to make a mistaken judgment based on outer cues. Then you'll be prepared to ask questions that will be relevant to the people you're meeting. Research shows that many of us engage in the "assumed similarity bias." It's not safe to conclude that because you are opposed to one or another political party that the person you're talking to is as well. If you assume everyone feels as you do, though, it's likely you'll get started on the wrong foot and end up with it in your mouth. Try to learn from each interaction with a new person.If you don't have the opportunity, practice your behavioral profiling by using the visual cues at your disposal (think Sherlock Holmes, who could infer occupation by looking at someone's hands). A person you've never met before may have been places and done things that you haven't.It doesn't mean we're not close friends, it just means they aren't comfortable talking about "certain things", and I respect that.As an introvert, it takes me awhile to figure out where those boundaries are.

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Perhaps I need to find more confidants that I can share my feelings about on a regular basis?

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