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Lohse, too, sounds like she’s got her tongue firmly in her cheek, but it makes more sense for her bard character, the jokes she makes the light against the shadow of a demon coiled around her soul.The majority of repeat speakers remain in the good-to-great tier, though.Fights have been rebalanced across the entire campaign, too, part of Larian’s effort to smooth out some difficulty spikes in the first and second acts. Even on the standard “Classic” difficulty and with a well-specced party, I came up short against similarly leveled enemies on numerous occasions.A large pitched battle against a Magister group to close out the first act was a particular stumbling block for my gang — until, that was, I realised I could just hang back and wait for the fight’s second stage.Fortunately, he’s just about the only part of that upgrade that frustrates.Developers Larian Studios have used the opportunity to bring a bucketload of improvements to the already-very-good DOS 2, ranging from the technical — graphical upgrades mean that fire and other environmental effects are less taxing on hardware — to the more esoteric.

Perhaps because I was always only a few seconds from another fully voiced conversation.

Here are 8 sins we tend to ignore but can’t afford to ignore any longer.

I’m being stalked by six-legged space demons, I’m on the run from the fantasy police, and my chosen deity is being slowed squeezed to death by a spectral tree, but my biggest problem in Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a talking squirrel. Sir Lora is — he says — a preeminent wizard, in addition to being the target of an order of fluffy animal knights hell-bent on hastening the end of the world with the coming of the “Great Acorn.” Lora certainly stands out, riding a skeletal cat and talking in a plummy accent, commenting occasionally (and derisively) on my quest to save the world.

Slightly weirdly, everyone seems to be British or Irish — Larian apparently share the widely held view that the American accent has no place in fantasyland — but there’s any enjoyably wide range of accents from the Isles in the in the English-language version of the game.

Best of all, Larian seem to have actually hired people with the actual accent they’re trying to mimic, rather than finding someone to make a flailing attempt at Scottish-adjacent.

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