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Sophos server not updating

By default, the Server Protection Client checks every 60 minutes to see if new signatures can be downloaded from Sophos to detect malicious files.

However, as malware is evolving rapidly nowadays, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that protection is provided as promptly as possible.

With just one rule, you have made sure that the security holes in Acrobat Reader 9 cannot be exploited to attack the system.

If Sophos is installed properly, forcing the client to update – as detailed – is not necessary.This has enabled Sophos to detect this and, with Live Protection, improve response time to detect new malware and update your server protection in real time.Enable Live Protection to allow your server protection client to check files for malicious files on Sophos Labs in real time to see if they are malicious.With the Server Lockdown feature, you can protect your server against all dangers with just one click.Web Control is a very powerful tool for managing Internet traffic, especially for terminal servers.

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Installing the software is straighforward, download it here, run the installation program, and follow the instructions.