Speed dating melbourne creative industry

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Speed dating melbourne creative industry

On my final day I took a long walk which encompassed the National Gallery (of Victoria) where my favorite works were the shields bearing images of the Phantom (ghost who walks) presented as a totem in all seriousness and achieving the very best mix of tradition and pop art, to the ACCA gallery an enormous cor-ten structure with an indistinct entrance which turned out to be closed.

Fortunately the graffiti, and I hesitate to use the word as in Melbourne the attitude seems to be one of street art, more than made for any internal inaccessibility with classics like ‘what is art” and ‘Camille likes …”, scratched into the cor-ten.

After 12 years in the Isthmus studio the guys and Katrina decided that they needed a break so I went to take the air in Melbourne while the others rested up back home.

It was no hardship to be fair but I hope they appreciate the utter disregard for personal safety that I displayed in attempting to understand this most interesting of antipodean cities from the viewpoint that a city is an organism with a beating urban heart and that I needed to be near it. Melbourne has a bicycle share system, evidently not liked by locals but I noticed several tourists using it and I questioned a couple who pronounced the bikes entirely usable.

Friends would say, im friendly, quiet and yet funny or witty.

I enjoy laughing, great conversations, not into tslking politics. Having dinner with friends and family is enjoyable, a g..

I think design should grow from the organic and that means sometimes getting your hands dirty, being part of something, talking to people, living life in the raw, getting sore feet from walking and in the case of Melbourne enjoying the culture and nightlife that the city has to offer.

It is a friendly place; the late nights and quiet streets felt safe, the people were polite.

This is a free event but places are limited, registrations required prior to the event.I know the English thing as described by Bella Bathurst in her book creatively entitled ‘The Bicycle Book’ …. Plenty of traffic though, not all smooth running below the surface and in the suburbs.I lived in London, I broke the speed limit and raced all comers on my trusty scooter, so there were times when the polite thing got a bit much, I am sorry Melbourne, I jay walked, did random lost tourist U-turns on my bike and accidentally crashed a few red lights. That said Melbourne has some great cycleways and on road cycling infrastructure. Over and above that there are dedicated cycle and pedestrian paths along the Yarra River, along the St Kilda waterfront, through Docklands and along the Railway corridor.. There are several places in her book ‘The Life and Death of Great American Cities” where Jane Jacobs talks about the very fine grained life of the street which is an ecology of sorts, an urban ecology which is not a literal ecology i.e not about bugs and trees, but all about human social and spatial interaction, the meeting of a multitude of human needs and economic functions based around built form, community and long view investment.Nevertheless feeling disheveled and overly caffeinated I took the adjacent side street.Similarly the 4 metre wide decomposed granite path through the Queen Victoria gardens was extensively utilized by runners with some serious heavy breathing being evident and I was mindful of the need for urban recreational infrastructure in our cites.

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This year the Refugee Talent team has held speed dating events across Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Mpeed dating events are prearranged with an intention to discover highly skilled talent, where job seekers get to share global experience and employers identify the best match for their team.

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