Taylor swift dating jonas

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Taylor swift dating jonas

In May 2018 she toured the UK and Ireland with her much-acclaimed album Reputation.

In 2019 Forbes estimated Taylor's net worth as being a staggering 0million - just under £283million.

Calvin and Taylor seemed destined for one another...

they even collaborated (kind of) on massive banger 'This Is What You Came For'.

Although they only dated for approximately 2 months at the end of 2012, many still ship the pair!

Conor Kennedy The grandson of President JFK and a barrister in his own right dated Taylor for almost a year back in 2012 before them splitting due to long distance troubles.

But a fortnight ago she admitted what she did was “too much” and she now regrets her decision, aged 18, to slam him on TV.

She has sold millions of albums and singles across the globe and is a worldwide superstar.TAYLOR Swift is one of the biggest stars in the world and often in the papers for her personal life as much as her music.But even the most famous of stars have to apologise sometimes - so let's see why Taylor had to say sorry.Taylor apologised to Joe Jonas after "putting him on blast" over their split 11 years ago.Joe and Taylor, both 29, dated for three months in 2008 but a month after their split she criticised him for dumping her in a 27-second call.

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Her first album, Taylor Swift, was released in 2006.