Teenage boys and dating catolic dating

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Teenage boys and dating

Here are some tips that may help you get through to your son.

After all, just an assurance that you are always there for your son, no matter what, can help him cope with his inner frustrations to a large extent.

As a boy approaches his teens, there are a lot of changes taking place within him.

These are both, biological as well as psychological.

The problems below the surface become obvious only when boys go "over the edge" and get into trouble at college, start fighting with friends, take drugs or start drinking, are diagnosed with clinical depression or erupt into physical violence.

However, at the same time, he might also feel completely unprepared to face new challenges.His behavior and ways of thinking, talking, feeling, and reacting to certain situations, also tend to undergo a drastic change at this juncture.He wants to take risks, solve his own problems, initiate social interaction, and also start dating or express himself individually.It is very essential for the parents to judge how their teenage sons might react in a particular situation.For this, it is very important to know your son well.

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Many of the boys live behind a mask of masculine bravado, they feel it is necessary to cut themselves off from any feelings that society teaches them are unacceptable for men and boys - fear, uncertainty, feelings of loneliness and need.

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