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The loft glasgow speed dating

It’s a sentiment that’s been shared one way or another by others in the industry.

As it relates to the new JPX919 family of irons it really boils down to this: There is a list of design and engineering reasons why the JPX919 could be better, but it’s up to you as a golfer to determine if those things matter enough for you to replace what’s currently in your bag.

From a materials standpoint, Tour is distinguished from the rest of the JPX900 lineup by the use 1025E Mild Carbon steel.

It’s the same material used throughout Mizuno’s MP line.

While Mizuno could have used 1025 Boron, there’s no practical performance reason to do so since nothing in the 919 Tour spec demands more distance.

As we answer those questions, we’ll also touch on a couple of things you don’t see very often.

It’s bold-ish blue badge certainly didn’t look out of place next to other offerings in the game improvement category, but it was a bit more ornate than your typical Mizuno iron.

For the JPX900, Mizuno took a more refined approach, raising the sophistication level to nearly that of MP, and it wasn’t a stretch to think that some golfers, even some traditional Mizuno golfers, might prefer the JPX aesthetic.

That’s the challenge Mizuno is facing with its JPX919 iron lineup. There are certainly some surprises with Chris’s gear, but among the most eye-opening bits of wisdom is this: “With every club that comes out…

there’s something that could be better about it.” He goes on to explain that, from an engineer’s perspective, there’s a lot you can do to make a club better, but from a golfer’s perspective some of those things may not actually matter.

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