Tweetdeck columns not updating

Posted by / 17-Sep-2020 10:43

Let’s say you only want to search for Tweets that include images of San Francisco.You can create a search column using the keywords “San Francisco filter:twimg”.

You can always clear your previous searches by clicking on Clear history at the bottom on the drop-down menu.

There's a scroll bar located at the bottom of the app that allows for more precise movement, and Tweet Deck also now supports horizontal scrolling through the use of a touchpad.

The latest Tweet Deck also makes diving into Twitter's extended functions easier with a "Details" button that displays full conversations where applicable, and a new menu icon provides quick access to actions like blocking accounts, spam reporting, deleting your tweets, and more.

Here are some of the other filters you can include in your Tweet Deck searches: You can also perform the opposite action by using the “exclude” filter.

For example, “San Francisco exclude:twimg”, will exclude Tweets with images in your search results.

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