Updating contacts exchange blackberry

Posted by / 11-Mar-2020 20:39

Updating contacts exchange blackberry

Note: If the same account has been added to the Android OS via Settings/Accounts, or another 3rd party application, you may see multiple alerts/notifications for the same message.

Choose only one application that you would like to notify you for this account to stop the duplication.

This can cause the following: These symptoms are typically seen when selecting the forever option with a large mailbox.

However, an extremely large mailbox may cause the same symptoms to be seen with another smaller timeframe selected.

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The issue is that users with older Blackberry's,(7100 & 7200) do not get contacts synchronized with their Blackberry's.

All user's contacts did synch with their Blackberry's up until 6 plus months ago.

Note: If the Email sync timeframe option ‘Forever’ is selected a very large amount of email could be retrieved from the account.

Is it possible to get contacts to synch on the older devices at this point?

Please verify if the and the MAPI32on your BES are the same as on your Exchange server.

Regards, Bob Explore Share Point 2016, the web-based, collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office to provide intranets, secure document management, and collaboration so you can develop your online and offline capabilities. Also remove the battery of the Black Berry for at least two minutes.

If it still not work you can take a look in the MAGT log file for this user.

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In December an upgrade was done to the current version of BES.