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It’s all there from the tiffany lamp to the bandbox over the door and right down to the nails in the floor. And, if you want a taste of Luigi’s without going to Akron, just come to the Lisa’s Legacy Run/Walk this Sunday October 17th where Luigi’s has graciously offered to provide pizza for the runners after the race. Then we got Les Moore's valedictorian speech (which is universally considered underwhelming), and then there was a Time Skip...And then there was Angst: For every good thing that happened to the cast (Funky married to Cindy, Les married to Lisa) there were two bad things (Funky is a divorced recovering alcoholic, Lisa died after a breast cancer relapse) and one thing that was revealed to be worse than we thought (Lisa's teen pregnancy retconned into date rape, Bull's Jerkass nature as a result of parental abuse).I’ve read so many compelling interviews this week, interviews with Lily Renee, Valerie (Violet) Barclay, Ramona Fradon, and Marie Severin. Bradley: I suppose one of the first questions you get hit with is: Was it hard to be a woman in the comic industry? But I also know you haven’t had a negative thing to say about that aspect, and that’s awesome, so let’s skip that part, and talk about the work. Is there a standout story for you from that period? Don’t know why I bothered updating this, it’s just a boring restatement of same boring theme of the entire week. I didn’t work in a bullpen like Marie did so, aside from being uncomfortable with male fantasies and the violent subject matter.Also, what other mystery-type books did you get to work with? I really wish I could pin Batiuk down and demand his sources for this storyline. And Al Williamson would come in with his artwork like it was his child. I never really experienced what it was like being the only woman working in a man’s world.

In the beginning, this was a gag-per-day strip set at a High School. Other regulars were Les Moore, Candice Kane, band director Harold Dinkle and pizzeria owner Montoni.

The inker Violet Barclay, by her own admission, flirted with men in the office leading to acrimonious feelings and love triangles.

Barclay’s complicated relationship with benefactor Mike Sekowsky — who bestowed expensive gifts on her even after his marriage to Joanne Latta — caused friction in the Timely bullpen, which she left in 1949.

If he wanted Ruby to be a real crusader, she would have flat out refused to fulfill the chauvinistic expectations of the men around her. We know more about all the men who ruined her life than the art that was supposedly her passion. It’s funny that she was drawing Sub-Mariner while I was drawing Aquaman.

But no, she was miserable, remained miserable, and now wishes she had been born in a different decade because her own was unabated misery. An interesting interview with Fradon started this way. Please tell us about working on House of Mystery with Joe Orlando. People always used to ask me if I knew her, but I didn’t meet her until years later, at a convention.

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As she later described the office environment, “Mike was a very good human being. Nobody like me because they thought I was doing a number on him. World War II was on and there were no men around, so I just killed time with him.

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