Updating garmin nuvi 660 Fuck hermaphrodite pic

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Updating garmin nuvi 660

I talked to them previously about free update and they said it would be available. I told them I would have bought another company and they said well you already purchased ours, and blew me off.If i knew their customer service was so bad, I would have never bought from them.So, I wanted to share this with you guy who have bought the 660 recently.

3 phone calls to the support line yielded 3 diffrent stories!

If the rep doesnt like to help, just ask for supervisor!

Last time I called, the rep told me that "NOBODY at the call center can assist me with the free update" but then the supervisor did give me a discount!

I can basically return it, get a newer model, qualify for the free map upgrade and still end up where I started, 0, what do you think?

oh yah, and please if you experience the same issue, write a review about the 660 so they know we can do something about their reputation if they try to screw with their customers like this.

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