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Posted by / 23-Oct-2020 11:09

The install is going to erase anything on the spare hard drive as well as any other hard drives plugged into the system.

So make sure you only have the hard drive you want plugged in.

UPDATE: There is also another guide by Sean Daniel on installing WHS2011 on the Media Smart – Details here.

Also, on the back, is the on/off switch, which is so sensitive, you could accidentally turn the server off just by lightly touching on it.

Power on the system, check your router to make sure the device shows up on the network, and from another computer open a web page to configure Amahi.

Our next article will cover setting up your new HDA with apps, users, additional storage, and all your files.

The system will finish the HDA configuration and reboot into the final usable state.

If you are not using an HP Media Smart Server or want to keep your HDA in the desktop you just installed on, you do not need to follow the below steps.

Because the HP Media Smart Server is already a low powered, multi-drive server, it makes a great candidate for a free upgrade.If you have a Windows Home Server then follow our guide to backing up all your information to an external hard drive.If you have a different NAS platform, you can either see if your platform has a built in backup system or you can manually copy all of your files to a spare hard drive over the network.Our next article will show you some of the basics of setting up and using your new Home Digital Assistant (HDA).If you are going to be installing Amahi on an existing NAS your first step will be to backup.

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In order to allow Amahi to change physical hardware we just need to configure the machine so that the network works on the new machine. Inside the text editor delete the line that starts with HWADDR and change the ONBOOT=no to read ONBOOT=yes.