Updating iphone without itunes

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Updating iphone without itunes

But if there is an i Phone update for you to install, this is where you’ll see its version number, as well as a quick overview of the features or bug fixes it adds.Once you tap the “Download and Install” button, your i Phone will begin downloading the software update.Downloading an i Phone update will take a while, but when the download is complete, another window will ask you if you want to install it.Next, your i Phone will ask to agree to the Terms and Conditions associated with the latest version of i OS.One benefit to using i Tunes is that it downloads the i Phone update to your computer rather than to your phone, which is great when your i Phone doesn’t have enough free space to accommodate the download.The first thing you should do before updating the operating system of any device is back up your data in case something goes wrong.If it has a red badge with the number one on it, then it’s probably time to update your software.

Agree to the terms and conditions, and you’re off to the races.The other i Phone updates that Apple releases each year are more minor, and often fix security issues and squash smaller bugs that have made their way into the programming code.Sometimes, though, they add new features, like the software update that will enable a new depth-of-field effect for the camera system of the i Phone 7 Plus.The most convenient way to update your i OS software is to do it “over the air.” This means that your phone downloads and installs the update all by itself, without connecting to a computer.The only thing you might need to do is plug your phone into the wall, connect to a Wi-Fi network, and tap a few buttons to accept the user agreement.

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The world of mobile software doesn’t sit still for anybody, so i Phone software updates have become a regular part of life. Apple generally issues an i Phone update several times a year.