Updating pidgin 5 biggest dating mistakes men make

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Given your last message I assume that the previous log was from a libpurple client and was shown to you in pidgin correctly, yes? My coworker and I have been messing around with spark vs libpurple, and haven't been able to reproduce it.

struct called update URL which would simply point to a text file with the latest version number of the plugin, which would be compared against the local plugin's version number.

If I sign out and sign back in, it will properly display the statuses at the time of sign in. The libpurple-based client doesn't see status changes of others. Yes, this happens to all users using libpurple-based applications. Another interesting piece of information: It seems that libpurple users are displaying properly.

As in, I can see people sign in and out who use libpurple clients, however I can't see status updates for people using Spark.

and start tackling small tasks to get your C knowledge up. I guess it makes more sense to me on Windows since there are no distro channels for plugins to get updated through.

I'll hang around the irc channel if/when I have free time, this summer at least I've got my own projects to work on, but I hope to be able to contribute to Pidgin eventually since I think it's a great project.

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I think this would only be possible in a major version since it changes API, correct? If I were to also incorporate a system for automatically updating Pidgin (i.e.