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The second option that you can use is the (2) "System Scan" that will scan your computer for known infections.

If you just installed a fresh (and a trusted - legit), Microsoft Windows copy it would be a good idea to use the "Immunize" (3) feature.

Each time when you browse the Internet, most websites will follow you using all kind of "aggressive" tracking cookies.

Report creator: As the description says, you can use this function to save a support log archive containing all the relevant information, required by Spy Bot support team, just in case you need some help.

By default, all log files are available at this location:"C:\Program Data\Spybot - Search & Destroy\Logs."2.

Please use this feature with caution - it is only for advanced users),- System Integration (Spy Bot integration in Windows® - you can disable certain plugins or the tray icon), System Services (you can Install/Uninstall or Start/Stop the following services: Security Center Service, Scanner Service or Updating Service.- Browsers (you will see a list of all installed browsers that will be scanned for bad entries in cookies, bookmarks, history, and cache), Ignore lists (as the title suggests, you can ignore "Products," "Items," "Domains" or URLs during a scan).3.

Startup Tools: this will allow you to select what programs runs automatically at start-up and has other advanced users.

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We will discuss about Basic and Advanced sections because "Professional" features are available in the paid version of Spy Bot that also comes with its antivirus engine.

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