Validating saxparser

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/** * Testing set Max Occurs Limit to 10000 in the secure processing enabled for * SAXParser Factory. */ @Test public void test Max Occur Limit Pos() throws Exception object may contains information about * the schema local and language. */ @Test(data Provider = "parser-provider") public void test Parse25(SAXParser saxparser) throws Exception /**Parses the XML to fetch parameters.

* @param properties parser optional info */ private static void configure Old Xerces(SAXParser parser, Properties properties) throws Parser Configuration Exception, SAXNot Supported Exception /** * Test with valid input source, parser should parse the XML document * successfully. * @param input File, source XML * @return true, if XML is successfully parsed. * * @throws IOException if there is a problem reading the file.

It isn't a huge issue, but the users that will possibly edit the xml file won't have a way to validate (or know how), that is why I was looking into this.

If there is another solution, I would be open to exploring it.

To demonstrate error handling, add a title element to the journal element.

To run the application, right-click on in Application Navigator, and select Run. The validation error indicates that the title element is not expected.

The choice of validation method depends on the additional functionality required in the validation application.Create an XSDBuilder object and invoke the build(Input Source) method of the XSDBuilder object to obtain an XMLSchema object.The Input Source object is created with an Input Stream object created from the example XML schema document, As discussed before, we have used an Input Source object because most SAX implementations are Input Source based.The procedure to obtain an XMLSchema object is shown in the following listing: XSDBuilder builder = new XSDBuilder(); Input Stream input Stream=new File Input Stream(new File("catalog.xsd")); Input Source input Source=new Input Source(input Stream); XMLSchema schema = Source); As in the previous section, define an error handling class, Custom Error Handler that extends Default Handler class.

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Thanks for the help, Joe SAXParser Factory factory = SAXParser Instance(); Validating(true); Namespace Aware(true); try WITH======= private final String JAXP_SCHEMA_LANGUAGE = " Language"; private final String JAXP_SCHEMA_SOURCE = " Source"; private final String W3C_XML_SCHEMA = " Forgot: If the file isn't valid and the void error(SAXException e) isn't overidden, then the file parses with the errors in it and you'll never know.

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