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The results of these changes have been pretty promising in playtests.Maokai still has decent ability to start fights by opening with Sapling slow to make up the extra range lost on the W, but it doesn’t feel quite as inevitible and frustrating when playing against, and meanwhile Maokai gets to feel much better about using the W to get in useful positions for protecting other members of his team.When embarking on any character, a new champion or a VU, I gather reference. Sometimes it’s photo reference, sometimes other artist’s reference.It’s reference for design, style, technical execution, etc.We can turn that hat into something that has functionality that Piltover gadgetry is known for, we can make it something that feels integrated into her fashion persona and we can allow it to be a marker of her story as a member of law enforcement. I actually see Caitlyn being able to get a way with high-fashion garb.I wouldn’t yank it right from Victorian London, but I would want to bring it in line with what Piltover is manifesting as in newer characters.  : Hard for me to tell what exactly it does for AP Mao. W is better as a 1 pointer due to the base damage scaling naturally with game time, but the AP ratio doesn’t catch up to live until the target hits 2K HP, sooooo kinda tough to tell?E retains it’s high ratio, but takes a base damage hit, BUT also gets extra movespeed off your movespeed and slows the opponents, so his poke game becomes more reliable, but less punishing in terms of damage.

 : Totally get this confusion and I’ll do my best to clarify how we got to where we currently are on the W changes.That style is more evident and unified in Vi and Jayce.I think it’s only appropriate that Caitly: It’s not so much about execution nor literal translation of this art.Ult is probably strictly buffed for AP Mao since now he can follow his target to nuke them with it.I think it’s a small net positive for the AP build, but enough parts are moving around for him and we’ve gotten pretty limited testing on it since it is an off-build, so I can’t really say with confidence where it all puts him. Yes they removed timers, but there are still other concerns we had outlined in our original statement regarding voice chat and overlays.

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