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Chippie (hr2-Computermagazin) was a German radio program.

It was one of the first programs on computer topics, produced by the Hessischer Rundfunk (Hessian Broadcasting). At first it was broadcast together with the youth magazine Radio unfrisiert, who won the Civis media prize that year. The show was hosted by Claudia Bultje and Patrick Conley.

Today well-known programs are the Chaosradio (RBB) and Matrix (ORF).

While you certainly want to have a fun and fulfilling partnership with your SO, passion can fade over time — especially once the so-called honeymoon phase is over.

But keep in mind, a lack of passion in your relationship doesn't automatically mean things are doomed.

In fact, in many ways,less passion can actually be a good thing.

With less passion in your relationship, the halo effect is lessened and you’re able to make decisions, about yourself and the relationship, more clearly." fade for a bit during this stage of your relationship. "When you are focused on dealing with your kids and family issues, sometimes the focus is more on the issues than your sexual passion," says Safran.

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Structures are numbered and identified on the accompanying key card..

Removable structures include the following: 2 parts of Brain, Eye, 2 Lung, 2 parts of Heart, 2 parts of Stomach, Liver, Half Kidney, 4 parts of Intestine system, 4 parts of Male genital insert, 4 parts of Female genital insert.

"I believe warm intimacy between people can actually be a stronger predictor of relationship happiness than passion," says April Davis, owner and founder of the matchmaking service LUMA.

"[Passion] is important, but being friends first is key to life-long happiness with someone.

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