White girl dating a nigerian man

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White girl dating a nigerian man

Knowing I made him happy was all the reassurance I needed. “CJ had planned the whole day and had bought us both wedding rings. I’ve used my savings and he has gradually paid me back half.” She stated that CJ was a heaven sent as she had been lonely after her 16-year-old relationship crashed.Sadly, none of my family could make it as it was such a short notice. The marriage ended when there was no more love between, so they decided to go their different ways.It is believed that white women, on the other hand, take men to higher realms in bed.They are always ready to give different positions and make the sex enjoyable.In some cases, some married couples operate a joint bank account. Most times, an average Nigerian man thinks sex is better and more enjoyable with a white lady. They are always portrayed as something to be taken, something to be desired.These images continue to play and replay in the mind of a typical Nigerian man.And it is not that they are rejecting Nigerian women. They just marry the person they are in love with and that’s all.These are Nigerian men who believe that love conquers all and they are determined to stay in their relationships.

They simply can’t help themselves but to love these women.But I couldn’t help falling for him,” she enthused.For Angela, a retired taxi driver from Dorchester, Dorset, in the United Kingdom, “CJ is the most caring man any woman could want to be with.” Angela had travelled to Nigeria for their wedding and they started processing CJ’s visa immediately.Indeed, her first child, Malcolm, helped her to investigate CJ, after which the man concluded that CJ was for real.“When I first told my son Malcolm about CJ, he was worried it might be a scam, so he checked him out online.

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You can marry anyone you like from any country and even from any tribe.

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