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Old Joe, as he came to be known, married well and stayed with his wife until his death in 1969 at 72. But when it came time to marry, he chose Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, the daughter of a wealthy, politically-connected Wall Street stockbroker and socialite. died in the war), and their children were expected to do the same. They appeared headed for marriage in the early ’90s, until his mother threatened to disown him.

But as long as he was alive, no son of his could marry a starlet.

Kennedy had been knocked over by a wave and was trapped on the bottom by the undertow.

His father dived under the water and rescued him, scraping and bruising his own forehead in the process.

In his memoir Symptoms of Withdrawal: A Memoir of Snapshots and Redemption, cousin Christopher Kennedy Lawford describes Kennedy as his best friend, and devotes much of Chapter 10 to their relationship with one another and the extended Kennedy family.

Kennedy was diagnosed twice with bacterial endocarditis, an inflammation of the heart often associated with the use of intravenous drugs.

He had ambitions of becoming a journalist and spent several months as an intern for a Tennessee newspaper in 1974. After dropping out of Harvard, Kennedy alternated his time between the Kennedy family home "Hickory Hill" in Mc Lean, Virginia, and New York City until February 1979, when he moved to New York City full-time.As the family’s head, he may have vetoed the union.But the youngest Kennedy brother died of a brain tumor in 2009. Not that Old Joe didn’t have dalliances; he had lots of rumored affairs, including a tryst with Gloria Swanson, one of the most glamorous actresses of her time.He was forced to break it off in 1994, crushing Daryl, who was his first true love. In 2012, Taylor Swift became involved in a very public romance with Conor Kennedy, the son of Robert Jr. When it started to look serious, Kennedy cousins Maria Shriver and Caroline Kennedy reportedly moved quickly to make sure it was limited to a summer fling.

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But no, according to She and Kennedy married (at the Kennedy compound in Cape Cod) in July.

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  1. Yes, eminent couples have helped thrust the topic into the limelight, but we’re still a fair distance from seeing older woman/younger man relationships as something ordinary.