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Perhaps we should leave the last word on this subject to one of the contestants who actually appeared on the show, and can give us some real insight into what goes on: Elle, Realville, 30/10/2012 I am on the current series and I’d like to clear a few things up. I wanted to meet some new friends, open my social life up to some girly holidays with other fun, pretty single girls, and yes if I met a guy that would have been wonderful. Articles on shoppersbase contain affiliate links from Amazon Services, and other affiliate networks, which compensate us if you do make a purchase based on our recommendations.

Firstly, I am a young professional who owns my own home and works very hard. I’ve found men rarely ask women out anymore in bars or clubs. There’s always someone willing to put out for free and sadly no strings attached often wins at the end of a boozy night. I can truthfully say not one bitchy word was spoken during almost 3 wks of filming and we’ve met up regularly since.

I’ve been thinking about where we go, or if we should go there, for many months. I would love to know who you had tied in your imaginary “chair” in the visualisation session. Would you like to join me for dinner and a catch-up? He reads your column but doesn’t answer your message?

If anywhere.” It was not until I read your column that I realised I’d missed it. Before answering, I forward it to my dating guru Hayley Quinn to be analysed. He begins by talking about himself and his problems. He justifies waiting so long to reply as a benefit to you: “I’m glad I waited…” ‘3.

In June 2012, she angered the silver fox of daytime telly, Phillip Schofield, by slating his co-presenter Holly Willoughby for posting a photo of herself on Twitter without makeup calling it a “betrayal to women,” and denouncing her as a “playground bully.” This Morning presenter Schofield defended Willoughby by saying “I swear there can be no greater force against all womankind than Liz Jones.

She is inconsistent, bitter, nasty and unhinged.” Jones also picked on Amanda Holden in July 2012 for having a face that looked ‘other worldy’ and commented that ‘her face would probably squeak were you to run a finger over it.’ Very strange behaviour as Miss Jones herself has undergone a full face-lift.

The rest is a blur: I either fall asleep or am under her spell.

I ask to read the messages but Malminder has already deleted them. She starts to talk, beginning with a story about a woman who was afraid to leave the house in case she had a stomach upset.

Ms Jones wrote an article about her experience at the Take Me Out recording, and she regaled in detail how the thirty girls who appeared in the show rocked up with ten to fifteen or so outfits, copious hair extensions and acrylic talons.

She talked about the small budget the show has, for example the girls get £10 for expenses, and she let on that girls were sharing rooms at a low cost hotel near to the studios.

The Sunday edition of the Daily Mail has a supplement called YOU MAG in which contains Liz Jones' Diary. I've come to the conclusion that I have never quite seen a woman who has herself up on a pedestal so high, feels she is faultless at every turn, deems herself to be a wonderful catch, yet she disparages every other person in the world - and then constantly moans why she cannot keep a man (whilst providing the world with an extremely indepth, very personally biaised, record of said man's faults - whilst she portrays herself whiter than white).

I actually now find myself reading them purely to see what drivel she comes out with next .....

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Every week in the Sunday Mail, she would ‘bang on’ and complain about how he was ill treating her, as if the public were the slightest bit interested.

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