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Listening to rock such as Nirvana and Pantera had negative angst built into them. "When I first became a Christian I was very much drawn back into those old ways of thinking and those old ways of feeling by certain music. I was withheld with some of those feelings, so I couldn't listen to that music that I used to because I would desire that fullness of life that I was feeling outside of that place," she shared. They are complete opposite spirals for life – one out of control and one on fire for God.Sturm admitted it was tough to find bands that were as honest in their music as she would have liked. "I think filtering your life through unbelief, filtering your life to thinking there is not a God will always go to a dark place.That was put in perspective for her and for me," she said of her girlfriend, "That's why she understood that if I believe there's a God outside of this life that cares about my life that wants me to live, I want to give Him my life to do what He wanted with it." Sturm continued, "He could take my life later that day, or He could take it in 50 years.I was like, there is a God, I've experienced him, if there wasn't, then whatever, we do whatever. There is, and He has won my heart." Sturm addressed other religions who serve a god because of fear for their lives.Ledger, the drummer and female vocalist for Skillet, released a solo self titled EP last year, and will be embarking on the 2019 Winter Jam Tour in support of it. Some of the dates conflict with five of Skillet's shows on their upcoming tour with Breaking Benjamin, so Sturm will be singing in her place. Her third literary offering, The Return: Reflections on Loving God Back, was issued in May 2018.

If we're not created in love with a loving creator behind us, then I feel like if we really dig deep into why we're here and what our purpose is and where we're headed and what the meaning of life is, it always takes to a dark place if life can't make you happy." She then explained something very profound.

And yet he gives me freedom to live my life either to love Him or to reject." Sturm explained that after living through so much rejection, God holding her is all she needs.

This is something unfathomable and beautiful to her.

There is no love or relationship, just sacrifice or death.

"It is funny to me that there are religions that believe in God and they don't have a good reason. They just fear him, and they sacrifice their babies to river gods because they're worried that their whole family is going to die," she said, "To know that there are religions that people are so in fear of god, and yet here in America we're worried that someone is going to hear something that they don't understand about our Father and reject Him." The singer said once an encounter with God is had, it is indistinguishable and real, and there is nothing that can change it. Whether I like it or not, there is a God outside of me, that's bigger than me.

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Sturm says in the video, featured above, "We were on our second album when I got married.

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