Windows 2016 dns reverse lookup not updating Text dating not email needed

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In this post, we’ll explain the way for administrator to Add PTR Record in Windows DNS Server.

PTR record can be created automatically when creating Host A record or created manually.

To perform this function, we need to know the hostname so that we can get the IP address information from the DNS server.

However, sometimes what we have is the IP address and we want to know what hostname that is using this IP address.

There are two ways to manually add PTR record in Windows DNS server.

One of the host named “AS-SVC001” is known to have the IP address of

The good news is that DNS server can also do reverse lookup where mapping is performed from IP address-to-name.

To do reverse lookup, DNS server needs a Pointer record (PTR).

Ensure the zone name suits the IP subnet of the record that you want to add.

In this scenario, the IP subnet is therefore the suitable zone name is

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The Reverse Lookup Zone do opposite to what Forward Lookup Zone does means It change IP address to DNS name, when you’ve or give an IP address, it gives you the DNS name.

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