Yime zone updating

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Yime zone updating

Daylight saving time (DST) was included in the original Standard Time Act. city debate, the Indiana General Assembly passed a law to put all of Indiana on Central Standard Time and to outlaw daylight saving time.

However, the law had no enforcement power, and it was largely ignored by communities who wanted to observe Eastern Standard Time.

Before 1883 in the United States, most towns and cities set their own local time to noon when the sun was at its highest point in the sky.

While the USDOT was considering where the time zone line should be, several broadcast companies filed a federal lawsuit in 1968 to compel the USDOT to enforce the observance of daylight saving time in Indiana, which they won. Indiana enacted the statute, officially placing northwest and southwest Indiana in the Central Time Zone, in observance of daylight saving time, and the rest of the state in the Eastern Standard Time throughout the year.

All of Indiana was located in the Central Time Zone.

It was at this time the dividing line between Eastern Time and Central Time was moved from the Pennsylvania-Ohio state line to the Indiana–Ohio state line.

As a result, the USDOT was ordered to stop informing Indiana residents that the Uniform Time Act will not be enforced and to provide a plan for its enforcement (see In 1972, the Indiana General Assembly overrode a veto from Governor Whitcomb to place the Northwest and Southwest corners of Indiana in the Central Time Zone on daylight saving time, and to place the rest of the state on Eastern Standard Time, upon federal approval (see IC 1-1-8.1 ). Several eastern Indiana counties (Ohio and Dearborn counties, near Cincinnati; and Floyd, Clark, and Harrison counties, near Louisville) chose to unofficially observe daylight saving time, despite the Indiana statute.

Four years later, Starke County asked the USDOT to move it from the Central Time Zone to the Eastern Time Zone; in this case, however they did not find a sound reason for the move, and declined the request (see 46 FR 23500 and 46 FR 51786).

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In Indiana, local mean time varied from GMT- in the east to GMT- in the west.